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烤盤豪華版-Griddlers Deluxe,烤盤豪華版
烤盤豪華版 烤盤豪華版 烤盤豪華版
Griddlers Deluxe is a logic puzzle game where you have to color blocks to reveal pictures and patterns hidden in the grid. Other names for these paint by pixel style puzzles are Nonogrames, Hanjie or Japanese Crosswords. The numbers in the puzzles are show you how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares there are in any given row or column. You should start every puzzle with coloring the blocks that are undoubtedly colored and then deduct the placement of other blocks. Two different control sets make Griddlers Deluxe easy to play on mobile, tablet and desktop Play Griddlers Deluxe now for free, try to solve all the puzzles and find the hidden patterns!
測驗故事 - 軟件-Quiz Story - Software,測驗故事 - 軟件
測驗故事 - 軟件 測驗故事 - 軟件 測驗故事 - 軟件
Do you you think there is no fun in programs like browsers, music players, virus scanners or photo editing software? Quiz Story turns all these programs in interesting and challenging categories of a unique quiz game. Are you able to tell Chrome from Avira? Do you know everything about Linux distributions? To make this fantastic HTML5 quiz game even harder, you have only limited time to find the right answer. So forget about looking for the answer on the internet, by the time you found out the answer will not earn you points anymore. Play Software Quiz Story now and find out how much you really know about the software on your devices!