Match 3

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閃電珠寶戰-Jewels Blitz Challenge,閃電珠寶戰,珠寶閃電戰挑戰
閃電珠寶戰 閃電珠寶戰 閃電珠寶戰
Placeholder description! Match3, competition, what's not to like? Play this free online puzzle game right now!
泳池派對-Pool Party,泳池派對
泳池派對 泳池派對 泳池派對
This summer is hot! Time for a cool down. Time for a Pool Party! Pack your towel and bathing suit to join Bunni on her trip to the water park! Here you'll have lots of fun playing colorful match-3 puzzles. Burst water balloons and remove all unwanted objects from the pool. Use the beach ball or the water gun to burst more balloons and spray away the algae, dirt, and rubbish. Combine multiple balloons of the same color to create super balloons that burst entire lines of balloons. It's so much fun! Complete daily challenges or go on a treasure hunt with pirate Bunni to unlock prizes and rewards. Play Pool Party now for free and enjoy the sunny days at the water park paradise!
珠寶閃電戰 4-Jewels Blitz 4,珠寶閃電戰 4
珠寶閃電戰 4 珠寶閃電戰 4 珠寶閃電戰 4
Jewels Blitz 4, the long-awaited fourth installment of the legendary Match 3 puzzle series, takes you deep into the jungles of Central America. Meet Maya, the young Mayan princess, and help her find her people's lost treasures. Combine the colorful gems and use their secretive powers to remove jungle obstacles or magical seals, soothe volcanoes, and secure Mayan relics. Go treasure hunting and complete daily missions and challenges to earn gold, magical items and other rewards that will help you solve the more than 600 levels. Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Maya and play Jewels Blitz 4 now for free. Many hours of puzzle fun are guaranteed!
水上閃電戰 水上閃電戰 水上閃電戰
Did you have too much cookies and are you done with jewels? The fantastic match3 adventure game Aquablitz is here to take you below the surface of the ocean instead! In four hundred challenging levels you match jelly fish, mussels, turtles and other creatures of the seas. The more creatures you manage to match with each move the cooler extras you will be rewarded with. Matching four of the same will for instance give you a line breaker and five of the same will give you a special that can remove all creatures of one type. Play Aquablitz now for free and go the whole twenty thousand leagues under the sea!